Construction Consulting

What and Why

Construction consulting is what it sounds like. It is the act of consulting, or lending advice/wisdom, to construction and its related tasks. I will help you to develop your concept and take the proper steps to design, plan and organize that concept until it becomes a feasible project proposal. I will evaluate your purpose for the project, to ensure its financial success as well as identify areas of improvement and/or weakness. From there I will consider the job site itself, from it’s physical properties to it’s intellectual and legal challenges.

As a project becomes ready to get off the ground, I will assess and qualify suitable proponents and their bids, build scope requests to eliminate scope gaps, calculate scope estimates  and  ensure everything is in order for a proper start.

Once a project is live, I will monitor its progress, ensuring the benchmarks are met properly and on time. Providing third party inspections and progress evaluations, you can rest assured that your progress payments and project progress are aligned.  

At the finish line, there is still work to be done. Verifying completed work, ensuring all inspections, codes, engineering, design and laws/by-laws are satisfied. I will confirm that all the “i“s are dotted and the “t”s are crossed to give you, your investors and the trades peace of mind of a successful project completion.