Project Management

What and Why

If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. No one wants their project to fail. Yet many builders, contractors, owners and investors attack a project without a detailed plan. The idea or concept of who, what, where, why, when and how are there enough to get the wheels turning and possibly even complete the project. Is that enough? Is it enough to just make it through? Not if you want financial success of your project. Not if you want to reduce the stress of construction. Not if you want others to recognize the message and/or purpose you are trying to convey with your project. 

A successful project is well planned, well executed, on time and on budget. These do not happen by chance. A competent and experienced project manager is essential to ensuring a successful project.  I will work with every person involved in your project from the investors to the engineer, from the contractor to the guy who sweeps the floor and keeps the site safe and clean. By having experience working with every aspect of a project from a bathroom reno to a multi-million dollar housing development, I can promise you that I will work by your side to deliver your project that is well planned, well-executed, on time and on budget, ensuring your concept is realized and gets noticed.

Regardless of location, size, scale or complexity, I will provide you with a management package to suite your specific project needs.