Renovation Consultant

What and Why

What is a renovation consultant? Why do you need one? What is the value?

Let me answer those questions starting with some well known facts;

  • Home  renovations  are  stressful
  • Most  homeowners  don‘t know  that  much  about  home  renos  except  what  they  see  on  TV
  • Homeowners  must  rely on  the  ”contractor“  to  be  honest
  • Homeowners  may  not  be aware  of building  codes  and  by-laws  that  affect  their  project
  • Knowledge  is  power

A renovation consultant is an experienced and knowledgable professional who provides advice and guidance to homeowners with home renovation and/or private new home construction. A renovation consultant works for the homeowner to help educate about residential construction, building codes, best practice and the cost vs value of a renovation project. A renovation consultant also works with the contractor and trades as a representative of the homeowner to communicate the homeowners wishes and vision utilizing construction language to ensure clear and concise communication.  

I will work with you to ensure successful completion of your vision in any project size from a bathroom to a kitchen, from an addition to a custom home. You can select any combination or all  of the following consulting services for your residential project:

  • education  about  residential  construction/renovations
  • assist  to  define  the  scope(s)  of  your  next project
  • create  realistic  schedules  and  timelines
  • make  known  applicable  laws,  building  codes,  by-laws  and  guide  you  to  work  within  these
  • help  with  design  concepts  and  work  with  you  and designers/architects/engineers
  • calculate  a  realistic  estimate  and  build  an  attainable  budget
  • verify  potential  contractors/trades
  • decipher  quotes  and  ensure  they  fit  with  the  budget  as  well  as  ensure  there  are  no  scope  gaps
  • organize  trades  and  ensure  commitments  to  the  schedule
  • inspect  work  and approve  progress  inspections
  • detect  deficiencies/incorrect  work  and  direct  corrective  actions
  • document  the  progress  of  your  project  including  changes/change  orders
  • advocate  for  homeowners  to  ensure  their  “voice”  is  heard  about their  project  and  their  investment  is  protected
  • mediate  disputes,  including providing  documentation  and assistance  with  arbitration
  • provide documentation  of  completion  to  satisfy  banks/investors